Microbiology Club

  • Microbiology Club Berlin is a seminar series designed to foster the exchange of expertise within the community of microbiologists in Berlin.

  • Club members are expected to present their current research project(s), interact actively with speakers and other members, and also act as moderators during the sessions.

  • The seminars take place monthly, mainly alternating between the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens in Berlin Mitte.

  • See below for a schedule of upcoming events and participating labs.


Schedule of Upcoming Seminars

Date + time

Speaker & Title


April 12, 2024
15:00 hrs
Lydia Herzel
“A big piece of the pie: Ubiquitous mRNA decay fragments impact the functional transcriptome in E. coli

Diego Serra
“Bacterial warfare in biofilms: Unveiling extracellular matrix components as targets for inhibition and defensive shields”
Seminar room 1023,
Rhoda-Erdmann Haus,
Haus 22,
Humboldt University,
Campus north,
Philippstraße 13,
10115 Berlin.
May 17, 2024
15:00 hrs
Carsten Freidank-Pohl
”Understanding the inner workings of the Basidiomycete Fomes fomentarius”

Ronan Murphy
June 14, 2024
15:00 hrs
Onur Erk Kavlak
July 12, 2024
15:00 hrs
Morgan Beeby


Microbiology Club Berlin currently includes the following Labs:

Lab Head



Lorenz Adrian UFZ, Dept. of Environmental Biotechnology Website

Haike Antelmann

FU Berlin, Molecular Biology


Carsten Beta Uni Potsdam, Biological Physics Group Website

Emmanuelle Charpentier  



Elke Dittmann Uni Potsdam, AG Mikrobiologie Website
Marc Erhardt Humboldt University, AG Molecular Microbiology Website
Sofia Forslund Max-Delbrück Centrum, Integrative Biomedicine Website
Anna Gorbushina BAM Berlin, Dept of Materials and Environment Website
Ferdi L. Hellweger Technical University of Berlin Website
Felix M. Key Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin Website
Regine Hengge Humboldt University, General Microbiology Website
Lydia Herzel FU Berlin, Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry Website
Klaus Heuner Robert Koch-Institut, Hochpathogene mikrobielle Erreger Website
Steffen Lindner MPIMPB, Systems & Synthetic Metabolism Website
Sonja Oberbeckmann BAM Berlin, Material-Microbiome Interactions Division 4.2 Website
Markus Ralser Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany Website
Mitja Remus-Emsermann FU Berlin, Dept of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy Website
Jens Rolff FU Berlin, Institute of Biology/Evolutionary Biology Website

Frank Schreiber

BAM Berlin, Dept of Materials and Environment


Ulrich Steiner

FU Berlin, Evolutionary Demography


Kürşad Turgay MPUSP Website



To register for the Microbiology Club or for further information, please email: contact@mpusp.mpg.de

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