Career Support

Personal Development

  • MPUSP offers an interactive and dynamic environment in which our team of international and creative scientists receive ongoing support to conduct original research projects and freedom to work on fundamental biological questions. Our scientists benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure, integrated and customized research platforms, and a wide range of scientific activities.

  • Our Institute places great emphasis on  personal development. Junior and senior scientists at MPUSP are engaged in research, but are also encouraged to take an active part in scientific education, mentoring and teaching, as well as in the organization and development of the institute.

  • The scientists of MPUSP participate in interdisciplinary teamwork and are engaged in different areas of research carried out at the Institute. Junior and senior scientists work closely together and actively interact at the various meetings organised at the Institute (e.g. Work-in-Progress Meetings, Journal Club Meetings). They are also encouraged to cooperate with local, national, European and international researchers.

  • The scientists benefit from regular seminars, colloquia and clubs organized by MPUSP members and by neighboring institutions and universities in Berlin (e.g., Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology (MPIIB), Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Institute for Biology at Humboldt University, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)). Junior and senior scientists also receive financial support to take part in national and international conferences.

  • MPUSP aims to provide comprehensive mentoring to young scientists who are in the process of obtaining their degrees and to researchers who are on their way to leadership positions.

  • We strive to promote the development of professional competence by encouraging our members to organize trainings, courses, workshops and other events which they run and which are made available to others inside and outside the Institute.

  • We also encourage our members to develop their personal and professional skills and competences as part of their work and responsibilities within the Institute. Members of the institute receive financial support to attend trainings and courses organized by external parties, such as the Max Planck Society (e.g. Planck Academy) and other institutions.



Career & Family

  • MPUSP offers attractive working conditions for employees with families to support them in their research and career (e.g. flexible working hours and presence at the institute). Our institute also provides assistance in finding childcare: we work with the INA Kindergarten daycare centers (e.g. INA Kindergarten Haabersaathstr. BerlinINA Kindergarten Europa-City Berlin).

  • The Max Planck Society supports its employees in dealing with and finding appropriate and lasting solutions to situations of conflict or misconduct situations and advises them on their professional and personal situation by providing contact and reporting points.

  • The Max Planck Society also cooperates with the company pme Familienservice GmbH, which offers free services ranging from advice to employees on childcare and other individual care solutions to crisis counselling. The pme Akademie offers a wide range of seminars and training courses, most of which can be attended free of charge. The company has an information center in Berlin.


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