Proteomics Platform Publications

Zhan X and Jungblut PR (2022) The comparison between 2DE‐MS and bottom‐up LC‐MS demands high‐end techniques for both technologies Electrophoresis, 43(11), 1242–1245.  

Oliveira T, Zhang M, Joo EJ, Abdel-Azim H, Chen C-W, Yang L, Chou C-H, Qin X, Chen J, Alagesan K, Almeida A, Jacob F, Packer NH, Von Itzstein M, Heisterkamp N and Kolarich D (2021) Glycoproteome remodeling in MLL-rearranged B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia Theranostics, 11(19), 9519–9537.  

Birk MS, Charpentier E and Frese CK (2021) Automated Phosphopeptide Enrichment for Gram-Positive Bacteria J. Proteome Res., 20(10), 4886–4892.  

Birk MS, Ahmed-Begrich R, Tran S, Elsholz AKW, Frese CK and Charpentier E (2021) Time-Resolved Proteome Analysis of Listeria monocytogenes during Infection Reveals the Role of the AAA+ Chaperone ClpC for Host Cell Adaptation mSystems, 6(4), e00215-21.   

Krishnamoorthy G, Kaiser P, Constant P, Abu Abed U, Schmid M, Frese CK, Brinkmann V, Daffé M and Kaufmann SHE (2021) Role of Premycofactocin Synthase in Growth, Microaerophilic Adaptation, and Metabolism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis mBio, 12(4), e01665-21.  

Apel F, Andreeva L, Knackstedt LS, Streeck R, Frese CK, Goosmann C, Hopfner K-P and Zychlinsky A (2021) The cytosolic DNA sensor cGAS recognizes neutrophil extracellular traps Sci. Signal., 14(673), eaax7942.  

Schnirch L, Nadler-Holly M, Siao S-W, Frese CK, Viner R and Liu F (2020) Expanding the Depth and Sensitivity of Cross-Link Identification by Differential Ion Mobility Using High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry Anal. Chem., 92(15), 10495–10503.  

Schäfer H, Beckert B, Frese CK, Steinchen W, Nuss AM, Beckstette M, Hantke I, Driller K, Sudzinová P, Krásný L, Kaever V, Dersch P, Bange G, Wilson DN and Turgay K (2020) The alarmones (p)ppGpp are part of the heat shock response of Bacillus subtilis PLoS Genet, 16(3), e1008275.  

Zhan X, Li B, Zhan X, Schlüter H, Jungblut PR and Coorssen JR (2019) Innovating the Concept and Practice of Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis in the Analysis of Proteomes at the Proteoform Level Proteomes, 7(4), 36.  

Book Chapters

Alagesan K and Charpentier E (2023) Systems-Wide Site-Specific Analysis of Glycoproteins In K. Gevaert (Ed.), Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics, 2718, 151–165. New York, NY: Springer US.  

Lisacek F, Alagesan K, Hayes C, Lippold S and De Haan N (2021) Bioinformatics in Immunoglobulin Glycosylation Analysis In M. Pezer (Ed.), Antibody Glycosylation, 112, 205–233. Cham: Springer International Publishing.  

Alagesan K, Hoffmann M, Rapp E and Kolarich D (2020) Glycoproteomics Technologies in Glycobiotechnology In E. Rapp and U. Reichl (Eds.), Advances in Glycobiotechnology, 175, 413–434. Cham: Springer International Publishing.   

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